All about is currently run by myself, Alex.


The purpose for this site is to have a place to put any projects I am working on, as well as be my blog. I regularly work on small custom hardware devices, as well as some software.

It would be great if others like me would be interested in working on projects together. Bonus if we’re from the same area, but it would be equally amazing to have someone from another part of the world taking part.


The history of the name came from my grade 7 teacher. I had an expensive calculator die, so I strapped some AA batteries to it with some resistors and my teacher called me bomb-boy.
When I tried creating my first Hotmail account, I found that the name couldn’t be used due to filtering, and Bommer was born.

The domain was purchased while I was in college for $10, and has since been used for e-mail, and a simple to remember redirect to my IP when it was dynamically assigned.

The original site hosted here was a PHP-Nuke site, then a Joomla site, followed by a custom made CMS in PHP. I lost a hard drive with no backups, and the site fell into a dormant 404 page for about 3 years. I am still working on re-creating my CMS using newer technology, but it has been put on the back burner.

Now, the URL is still being used for e-mail, but is also the home to this awesome site 🙂