Ceph testing and server issues

Uh~Oh – Server Experiencing Hardware Faults

In recent days we have had a few lock-up and reboot issues on the BCA server.
The system has been experiencing segmentation faults during day-to-day operation, and is generally unstable at this time.

We are looking into replacing some of the hardware to mitigate the issues, but no changes have been planned as of now.

Ceph Testing is Underway

Over the past several months we have been testing out a virtualized Ceph cluster as a possible replacement to our current storage system.
So far the testing has proven the cluster to be quite resilient to anything we have thought to throw at it, and we have promoted a small piece of storage into production.

If the testing continues to yield positive results we will begin our search for hardware to build out the cluster.

Stay tuned for updates. We will keep a running blog over on https://blog.bommer.ca detailing our deployment and any issues we face along the way.