End of year updates

HTTPS Site and e-mail
Previously we were running a CA-Cert signed certificate. Since most browsers and mail clients were not configured to trust CA-Cert, this meant that you would get an SSL Certificate error whenever you visited our site, unless you added the certificate yourself, or permanently trusted the exception.
We are now using a certificate authority that has worked with many vendors to ensure that their root certificate is trusted, and therefore you should now be seeing a green SSL lock when visiting our site over https. Mail has been reconfigured with STARTTLS which will still accept unsecure connections, but will prefer using TLS1.1+.

The certificate covers bommer.ca, all active subdomains, and qw1.ca. Please update your bookmarks accordingly, though you should get automatically redirected to the https version of our site when visiting the http address.

We are now running a GitLab instance. This is where all of our OSS projects will be made available. If anything will be released publicly under any OSS license, it will be made available on gitlab.bommer.ca without requiring registration.
If you are a developer and interested in starting or joining a community project, send an e-mail to administrator@bommer.ca. We will create an account for you as open signup is not yet enabled.